The Quiet Cue

Michael Renkel – semi-acoustic guitar, live electronics, sampling
Nicolas Wiese – sampling, mixer feedback, oscillation

Michael Renkel and Nicolas Wiese launched the concert and intermedia series QUIET CUE in their shared Berlin studio in late 2009, and have since conceived more than 170 events, before discontinuing the series in 2016.
As a repercussion of that intense collaboration, a different form of working together emerged: the electroacoustic live duo THE QUIET CUE.

Renkel’s guitar / live electronics methods, elaborated over many years and combined with multiple objects, percussion and ‚microphone-as-instrument‘ techniques, are interfering with Wiese’s mixer feedback modulation, vividly triggered by layered sampling structures. At the same time, they are both working with dynamic interplay between similar types of source material: percussive sounds and patterns, voice fragments, or found sound. Thus, their compositions are aiming at action/reaction/interaction.

Compared to many of their other, highly abstract or conceptual projects, here the two composer-performers are focusing a lot more on harmonics, occasional rhythm structures and a sensitive, sometimes noisy, nerdy-complex yet entertainment-positive exploration of what ’21st century avantgarde pop‘ might possibly sound like.