P600: William ‚Bilwa‘ Costa, Klaus Janek, Luca Marini, Nicolas Wiese.
Site specific multi-source music.

Experimenting with a range of acoustic, electro-acoustic and acousmatic sound.
In addition to the large soundsystem, controlled by Nicolas, each musician has a personal sound system. This allows for a micro-to-macro and audible-to-inaudible sound dynamic.

An excerpt from the second installment (Liebig12, Berlin, Nov. 2013):

The P600 is an event-related potential (ERP), or peak in electrical brain activity measured by electroencephalography (EEG). It is a language-relevant ERP and is thought to be elicited by hearing or reading grammatical errors and other syntactic anomalies. Therefore, it is a common topic of study in neurolinguistic experiments investigating sentences processing in the human brain.